Download DIVA-for-Rhino

To download the current version of DIVA-for-Rhino, please fill out the following information form. Any information you provide here will only be used by the DIVA-for-Rhino development team for statistical purposes and will not be shared with any other individuals or organizations.

DIVA 3.0 is currently in beta testing, and updates will be periodically released which extend the length of its license.
Commercial licenses are currently not available for DIVA 3.0.

The download of DIVA 2.0 includes a free 30 day trial license. If you already own a license, add your license to the DIVA folder after installation (C:\DIVA).

The download of DIVA 1.901 will remain free, but no further development or bug fixes are planned on this version.


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Read about new features and installation instructions on the DIVA website.

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